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Our story


We have over 30 years of choral tradition here at Mandarin Middle. Throughout our history of performance excellence and a strong passion for community service,  we make sure all are welcome. All are family. When we make music together and walk through our lives as voices for peace, WE ARE MANDARIN!

Pawsitive Music Therapy


For the past several years we have been partnering with the Jacksonville Humane Society to research the benefits of music for their animals residents. We want to use our gifts to help them learn more about each animal in their care and get them adopted faster, while also providing comfort and calm for animals during difficult times.

School Beautification


It all started with a mural and a drive to make our learning environment a place everyone feels welcome and safe. Our Principal, Julie Humphreys picked up the torch and now all student organizations can spend one Saturday morning each month making Mandarin Middle a more beautiful and welcoming home for our students and staff. 

Mrs. Crumrine
Director’s Notes 


We have made a whole lot of progress in a very short time here at Mandarin. I love that our students choose to be a voice for peace in our school and our community. Your children are shining examples of our Mandarin Mindset. We are Mandarin!

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