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#DUVAL Homeroom



  1. Daily Attendance: Focus

    1. Log-in and take assigned test

    2. If you don't see your test posted in alerts, go to grades

  2. My Choice Projects: choose 1 per week and turn-in through FLIPGRID as a video while we wait on TEAMS to catch up

    1. We will use the Flipgrid app to post assignments as videos. (

    2. If you have already sent it to me - you don't need to post again to Flipgrid this week if you don't have time

    3. The intent is for written responses to be read - or done some other creative way.

    4. Codes:

      1. crumrine1stperiod​

      2. crumrine2ndperiod

      3. crumrine3rdperiod

      4. N/A

      5. crumrine5thperiod

      6. crumrine6thperiod

      7. crumrine7thperiod

    5. Chorus​ - Assignment and Listening Journal

    6. Musical Theatre- Assignment and Listening Journal

  3. Sight Reading Factory (Chorus Only)​​ 

    1. Go to

    2. Enter 2rbegm in the Student Code field if you already have an account.

    3. Select the appropriate age group.

    4. Chorus 1 (1st & 2nd periods) Chorus 2 or 3 (3rd, 5th, 6th) - check schedule.

  4. Showcase is a place for us to post weekly performances for each other and is available for posting on FLIPGRID

  5. Soundtrap will be used to record and compile full choir recordings

    1. Sign-up with the link or in app with the code below so we can keep making music together!

    2. Code: YXLXJYD

    3. Link:

    4. Click here to practice your parts: Sound Files

  6. Choose Your Own Adventure (Musical Theatre Only)

    1. Make sure you post ideas in discussion​

    2. Consider how to structure the script/order/sets/props/costumes

  7. LIVE Sessions Schedule

    1. 1st (1pm), 2nd (1:20pm), & 3rd (1:40pm) periods Mondays and Wednesdays

    2. 5th (1pm), 6th (1:20pm), & 7th (1:40pm) periods Tuesdays and Thursdays

    3. Sopranos (1pm), Altos (1:20pm), & Men (1:40pm) Fridays

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